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Publications of all partners of the DEVCAT-Project Consortium related to their work performed within DEVCAT can be found here. If you have any questions related to the publications, please do not hesitate to contact the project coordinator:

Final report of the project:
The final report of the project can be found in the EU Bookshop:
Development of high performance SCR-catalysts related to different fuel types ISBN: 978-92-79-48143-7

Contributions to Journals (reviewed):
  • Schwämmle, T., Farr, S., Heidel, B., Scheffknecht, G.: Mass balance of mercury in air pollution control devices while co-firing biomass at a lab-scale firing system, VGB PowerTech, 3, 2014
  • Schwaemmle, T., Bertsche, F., Hartung, A., Brandenstein, J., Heidel, B., Scheffknecht, G.: Influence of geometrical parameters of honeycomb commercial SCR-DeNOx-catalysts on DeNOx-activity, mercury oxidation and SO2/SO3-conversion, Chemical Engineering Journal, 222, 2013, p. 274-281 (DOI: 10.1016/j.cej.2013.02.057)
  • B. Risio, X. Han, M. Hilber, H. Thorwarth: “Industrial scale assessment of the predictive quality of a 3D-CFD model for SCR DeNOx-catalysts, VGB Powertech, 10, 2012, p. 74-79

  • "Investigating recent innovations in technologies for decreasing mercury content in emissions", ExPPERTS Europe 2015, 23rd-24th September 2015, Kraków, Poland (presentation)
  • "Aging, deactivation and regeneration of SCR-DeNOx-catalysts - effects on mercury oxidation and DeNOx-activity", 7th International Conference on Clean Coal Technologies (CCT2015), 17th - 21st May 2015, Kraków, Poland (presentation and paper)
  • "Beitrag neu entwickelter SCR-DeNOx-Katalysatoren zur Quecksilberminderung in Kraftwerken: Ergebnisse aus dem europäischen Forschungsprojekt "DEVCAT"", 15. VDI-Fachkonferenz Messung und MInderung von Quecksilber-Emissionen, 15th-16th April 2015, Düsseldorf, Germany
  • "Development of novel SCR-DeNOx catalysts - reviewing the results of recent European research projects", EUEC2015 Energy, Utility & Environment Conference, 16th-18th February 2015, San Diego, CA, US
  • "Holistic perspective on mercury removal from flue gas", EUEC2014 Energy, Utility & Environment Conference, 3rd - 5th February 2014, Phoenix, AZ, US
  • "Bilanzierung von Quecksilber in der Rauchgasreinigung bei Mitverbrennung von Biomasse in einer Laborfeuerung", VGB Chemie im Kraftwerk 2013, 29th - 31st October 2013, Leipzig, Germany
  • "A study on the interaction of mercury oxidation and NOx-reduction by newly developed high-performance SCR-DENOx catalysts", AIR QUALITY IX, Crystal Gateway Marriott Arlington, Virginia, 21st – 23rd October 2013 (presentation and paper)
  • “Holistic perspective on mercury removal from flue gas”, 11th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant, Edinburgh, Scotland, 28th July – 2nd August 2013
  • "Effect of co-firing of biomass on mercury removal by state of the art air pollution control devices", 3rd IEA CCC Workshop on Cofiring Biomass with Coal, Groningen, Netherlands, 20th-21st June 2013
  • “Synergie bestehender Rauchgasreinigungsanlagen bei der Quecksilberabscheidung (Synergies of existing air pollution control devices related to mercury retention)“, VDI Wissensforum „Messung und Minderung von Quecksilber-Emissionen“, April 2013 (presentation and paper)
  • "Influence of geometrical parameters of SCR-DeNOx-catalysts on DeNOx-activity, mercury oxidation and SO2/SO3-Conversion”, ECCRIA9, 9th European conference on coal research and its application, 10-12th September 2012 (presentation)
  • "Quecksilberoxidation in Kraftwerksabgasen mittels Katalysatoren (Mercury oxidation in flue gasese of power plants by catalysts)", VDI Emissionsminderung 2012, 19th – 20th June 2012, Nürnberg, Germany (presentation and paper)
  • “SCR-DeNOx-catalyst development towards high-performance catalysts related to different fuel types”, 9th mercury emission from coal, 22nd – 23rd May 2012, St. Petersburg, Russia (presentation)
  • “Industrial scale assessment of the predictive quality of a 3D-CFD model for SCR DeNOx catalysts”, VGB Workshop “Flue Gas Cleaning 2012, 23rd – 24th May 2012, Cracow, Poland (presentation)
  • “DENOPT und DEVCAT – eine europäische Geschichte der Katalysatorentwicklung (DENOPT and DEVCAT – an european history of catalyst development)“ VDI Wissensforum „Messung und Minderung von Quecksilber-Emissionen“, Düsseldorf, 13th and 14th of April 2011 (presentation and paper)
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