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The project focuses on the development of high-dust SCR catalysts to improve the understanding of chemical and physical mechanisms in order to improve operational and lifetime performance of SCR DeNOx catalysts. SCR catalysts have original been developed for the reduction of NOx-emissions in power plants but today the discussion about greenhouse gas emissions and general emission reduction become a great issue in public acceptance of fossil fuel power plants as well as in terms of economic prospective.

The mono-combustion of bio-fuels or the co-combustion of secondary fuels like sewage sludge for reduced CO2 emissions and on the other hand side, the reduced NOx-emission levels are new issues which influence the use of SCR technology. On one hand side the reduction of costs for the material and operation, the SCR performance loss caused by bio-fuels or co-combustion leading to accelerated deactivation and also the influence of the SCR technology on mercury emissions are important topics. On the other side the reliable operation of the high-dust SCR system is of major concern. The development of novel SCR catalysts and regeneration technologies facing these different topics related to emission reduction, reliable performance, detailed knowledge of reactions and mechanisms and the flexible application is the focus of the DEVCAT project.

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